This is probably one of the most talked about topics at the moment as its about the cheapest marketing you can get.

Add a Fan Page

Look for your friends who have their own Fan page.
Make them this offer:
Up for a Challenge?
Ill invite 100 of my friends to join your fan page if you do the same for me.  (suggested text: a good friend of mine has a great Fan page on Facebook which helps people promote their website, please join and pass it on : (your Link) Let me know what you think

Library leaflet Drop

ATM machine post it notes

Ideas to distribute your business cards

You need to get your cards seen by the right type of person. This is someone aged 18 to 60 who has a desire to earn an extra income. Set yourself a target to distribute 100 cards per week. A target is important as it ensures you promote your business.

People you talk to
These are the best people as you can explain what your site does and how easy it is to get started.

Inside books
If you see a business book or magazine then slip a card between the pages.

In a bar
Leave a couple of cards on the table. Even the bar staff might join you!

In a coffee shop
Just like the bar, leave them for the next person to find.

In hotel lobbies
Hotels are full of business people. This is a great place to leave cards. If you stay in a hotel then leave cards with the notepaper, under the kettle, in the draws.

In a restaurant
When you leave a tip leave your business card. If you give a generous tip this will have extra effect.

Post through doors
Find the most suitable areas near you and post cards through people's doors.

Supermarkets & stores
Often they have an area where you can pay a small fee to have your cards displayed.

Hand them out
Spend a couple of hours and hand cards out on a Saturday when your town or city is busy.